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The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Nudge Bar for Your Truck

Nudge Bars in New Zealand

If you like to take your truck off the road, it is only natural to want to add a little bit of extra protection. Four-wheel drives are, by themselves, as hardy as they come. But there is nothing wrong if you want some extra gear to safeguard it from off-road bumps and collisions. In this case, getting your 4WD a nudge bar might just be a great idea.

What is a Nudge Bar?

It’s called by many other names. Bullbar, roo bar, moose bumper, grille guard, cattle pusher. In New Zealand, we call it the nudge bar — a tubular metal structure that runs in front of the bumper to protect it from whatever your vehicle may encounter off the road.

Why Do You Need a Nudge Bar?

If you’re hundreds of kilometres away from Auckland and you’re driving off the road at night, there’s a huge chance you’ll come across a stray bullock or an angry emu, or even some pigs or sheep trying to get home. Although a nudge bar will not take the full force of a bullock that wants to ram itself against your truck, it will spread the force of the collision so there will be as little damage as possible.

How to Choose a Nudge Bar

Here’s what you need to consider when picking the right nudge bar for your truck.

1.   Consider the application.

As you can imagine, full bars provide full protection if you’re driving up against small trees or hardy shrubbery. If you only need something to tamp down on tall grasses and vegetation with, get a centre bar.

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2.   Choose your protection.

Some nudge bars have skid guards that protect your truck’s underside, while still allowing access to the undercarriage components if they need a repair. If you don’t have shocks that lift the truck properly off the road, you might want to get a skid guard as well.

3.   Pick accessories.

Accessories, such as extra lights and winches, are useful in certain types of situations. Extra lights can be helpful if you like off-roading at night. Winches, on the other hand, can help you if you get stuck and need to be towed out.

Nudge bars come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. When choosing which one to get for your truck, it is important to consider your needs as an off-roader and choose a nudge bar based on that.

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