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The Power Pedicure: Female Executives Merge Self-Care and Business Culture

Woman hands with nail polishesElite businesswomen have abandoned the power lunch for the power pedicure. Instead of hashing out contracts and coming up with marketing schemes over salmon sandwiches and artichoke salads, stylish female executives are making deals during their 30- to 50-minute pedicure sessions these days. Some of the entrepreneurs who participate in the power pedicure call it the feminine and less stodgy version of golf.

As self-care and mainstream business culture merge in the power pedicure, it is creating a frenzy among customers. Schools like the All About You Beauty Academy are, therefore, directing their efforts in keeping up-to-date with the beauty industry’s trends and innovations.

An Opportunity for High-Powered Women to Get Down to Business

Deal aligning and delivery at a nail salon can be a successful business strategy. Since women are experts at multitasking, female executives are in the perfect position to run their ventures while being pampered. Getting a pedicure gives women the opportunity to bond with prospective clients, for instance. Moreover, as ambassadors of their brands, women want to look well-groomed while being in the presence of clients and colleagues. The power-pedi trend, then, gives women an avenue to pursue similar interests while working at the same time.

Creative Brainstorming Sessions and Meeting New Clients

Sometimes, getting out of the office can be a breath of fresh air for a businesswoman. Holding meetings can provide the extra boost needed to come up with new marketing strategies.

The nail salon is a conducive venue for brainstorming sessions because some salons have a semi-circle arrangement of pedicure chairs, giving customers the opportunity to engage in a group discussion. Furthermore, the nail salon setup also makes it easy for participants to use their laptop as they relax in cushioned massage seats get a foot massage. During the meetings, executives could meet even more prospects, further expanding their target demographic.

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Power pedicures are the perfect combination of self-care and mainstream business culture. Apart from helping businesswomen feel empowered, the power-pedi is also a productive way to do business. 

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