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This Year in Web Design: More Animations and Interaction

Web Design Trends in MelbourneStyle is ever changing and growing. The same can be said for web design. The standard for it is never set in stone as it changes over time. People’s taste when it comes to art and design may evolve from one thing to another. This is why when you have your own website, it also has to grow with these trends. Not being able to adapt may cause your site to look obsolete.

Trends when it comes to web design may stick with some traditional elements but may greatly differ visually. Here are some of the new trends this year.


These days, it can be hard to keep an online user’s attention span. Not only do you have to ‘wow’ them with quality graphics, you also need to maintain their interest.

This is possible through the use of animations. From additional effects on scrolling to loading pages, animations bring to life an otherwise plain web page. It gives users something to do and look at while they browse your website. One of the most trending features when it comes to animation is the hover animations.

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Modern consumers’ browsing habit requires the website to be more responsive. According to an expert from Voodoo Creative, when you get web design services in Melbourne, you have to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. It should allow users to interact with the page, whether it is through a simple tutorial or quick pop-up guides. Encouraging interaction from an online user gives them something to do when visiting your website.

Trends in web design are all about how you can best connect with your users. Ask yourself how your website can better help the people visiting it. Keep these in mind when designing your website.

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