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Three Essential Winter Health Checks You Should Do for Your Home

Feets of a family wearing woolen socks warming near the fireplaceMagazines are often filled with tips for dressing chic and comfortable for the winter season. While it is vital to keep your body warm, what you may forget is that your home needs as much preparation for the cold as you do. Following these essential health checks ensures your and your investment's protection while ensuring your family’s complete safety.

Assess Your Exteriors

Keeping your interiors toasty may be your priority during the colder climates but the maintaining your exteriors is just as important. Check your downpipes and gutters for leak blockages to prevent clogging during the winter season.

Have a roofing specialist assess your roof and check for slipped or broken roof tiles that may cause leaks. Taking these precautions before the winter keeps you comfortable until spring while minimising costs on repairs if problems worsen.

Clean Your Fireplaces and Heaters

Professional chimney sweeps like ChimneySweepUK always recommend residents to have their chimneys cleaned long before wintertime. An annual sweeping prevents built-up soot within the chimney and a clear passage.

Potential issues with gas heaters usually arise right when you need them the most. They should also receive regular maintenance from qualified and registered professionals.

Test Your Fire Alarms

If you do not have a fire alarm at home, it is about time that you get one. Jeremy Batten from Smoke Alarm Testing Services says that all houses should have smoke detectors for emergency cases, especially during wintertime when the risks to fires increases.

Although smoke alarms are wired into electricity, this does not exempt them from the need for regular check-ups. Smoke alarms often need battery replacements to keep them running throughout the year. It is also important to ensure that the sensors are in top shape so that they detect fires better.

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Be wary and considerate about your surroundings no matter the season. As long as you keep your house in check at all times, there is nothing to worry about.

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