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Trendy Interior Elements that Make Your Home Unique

Modern house interiorYou don’t need to buy expensive furniture pieces from posh Salt Lake City shops just to give your house that trendy look. As long as you know what’s in, you can spin certain elements in a room to add that unique appearance that mixes well with your taste. You don’t need a full room makeover, either.

Here are some trendy design elements you can incorporate in your home: 

Wood and Woven

A room with plain white walls doesn’t have to be boring. Add a combination of wooden accents and woven decor, and you’re good to go. Solid wood cabinets from Accent Interiors, for instance, complement the texture of woven lamps or wicker stands used for planters.

For best results, combine them with velvet trimmed furniture. The contrast in textures will add richness to an otherwise boring room.

A Splash of Color

It may be fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of green indoors. Cozy homes add a splash of green especially in the kitchen, where it can liven up space and make food preparation a stylish affair. Choose from dark hunter green for your cabinets or apple green or mint green for overhead counters or tabletops.

Different shades can also be used together for a unique combination, or you can hand mix a unique shade of green to suit the rest of the house. Don’t be scared to add other colors to the room; a chair painted yellow, for instance, adds a pop of brightness that breathes life into your kitchen.

Going Dark

It’s time to say goodbye to safe, light paint coats and finishes. Matte and dark are the new watchwords. For lamps and accent furniture, black matte finishes are in. If you want to be adventurous, use dark, if not completely black, shades for the countertop or bigger surfaces in the kitchen or living room.

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Trends come and go, but adapting to them should not be hard. Upgrade the areas that need upgrading, but keep the identity of your home intact.

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