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Utah Lawmakers Aim to Offer Tech-Friendly Roads for Driverless Cars

Driverless carThe development of driverless car technology in Utah will receive some regulatory support from the state’s lawmakers, who are advancing work on creating a regulatory-friendly environment for the initiative.

Regulatory Changes

Car manufacturers are expected to roll out semi-autonomous car on roads as early as 2018, although it could take longer depending on the completion of certain changes to the law. Production of fully autonomous cars and other vehicles are anticipated to start in the next three or four years.

In Utah, Rep. Robert Spendlove has embarked on a two-part initiative to support the research and development of self-driving vehicles.

The first one ensures that existing regulations do not prevent the use of driverless technology, while the second aims to determine new rules that could leverage Utah’s status as a hub for driverless cars.

The second initiative will be important as states compete for economic incentives of providing appropriate facilities for technology testing and development.

Car Sales

Despite the advancements of self-driving car technology, it is still too early to tell if automated vehicles will completely replace conventional cars on American roads, or even simple maintenance work such as BMW service in Clearfield offered by repair centers such as Shadetree Automotive.

Given the pace of car sales in September, it may take a little while before self-driving cars roam the streets. Car sales for the month rose to a seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of 18.57 million units, up from 16.14 million in August.

The increase stemmed from many drivers that rushed to replace lost or damaged vehicles due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that hit Texas and Florida.

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Driverless cars may be the future of the automotive industry, yet the ongoing tests still make it an uncertain concept for many people, especially for those concerned with safety. For now, it is best to stick to your old car that could be in need of some maintenance service.

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