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Why Reviews Are Important to Your Local SEO’s Success

SEO Experts in MelbourneLocal search engine optimisation is a necessity because more and more customers are looking for specific shops in the cities they are currently in. They do not want to see results from places that are halfway around the world when they want to buy pizza or a pair of shoes.

As a marketer, you need to know the different factors that affect localised rankings. One of the factors to consider is a business review these may have a positive or negative impact. According to an expert in Melbourne-based local SEO, Livelong Digital, Google puts reviews high on its localised search algorithm. For the search engine to display these, you need to have at least five. You must then focus all your efforts on getting more of them to rise up the local ranks.

Here are some proven ways to get more reviews for your company.

Ask for Them

This is the simplest and most direct way to pile up reviews; hand out leaflets, include QR codes on business cards or receipts, ask for a review in person after payment or send emails, if a customer gives it to you. Social media is also a great platform to ask customers to post reviews about your business.

Make the Process Easy

Some customers do not bother leaving reviews because it is a hassle and time consuming; simplifying the process for them encourages them to post a review. Provide them with a link to your Google My Business to reduce the number of clicks they make or stumble onto a competitor’s site. The quickest way to get a review is to give a direct link to the form.

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Incentives are a Plus

Some people will do anything for freebies; provide paying customers an incentive to leave a review, whether it is a coupon for discounts, a free meal or stay, or other rewards.

Google reviews improve your local search rank; the more you get, the higher the page your business appears in. The number of reviews won’t mean much if your shop or restaurant is bad. Provide customers with quality and getting a positive review is easy.

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