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Why Web Design Is a Priority: Your Creativity Is an Edge

Website Design In this internet age, browsing a website can either be enjoyable, informative or a struggle for consumers. If you have a business, having a website will either help your business grow or hinder its success.

This is why web design is important. Your creativity, in addition to the technical elements of an effective design, is the edge you hold against the competition. Keeping your website consistently efficient will also increase your ROI.

Localized and Customized

Localizing the theme of your website’s design will increase user engagement and get more conversions in your area, especially if the bulk of your business addresses the local market. For example, if your business is in Colorado, you can customize your website design to cater to Denver natives.

Beyond location, you may use a trend or seasonal theme to keep your website updated. For instance, you may use creepy clowns as a theme, to fit the upcoming Halloween season. This particular trend is sweeping across Colorado’s social media and that of other states as well. Make sure, however, that the theme is a positive or neutral one, so it will not be misinterpreted or associated with the unpopular side.

Personalized, Bold and Extraordinary

In addition, apply the top 2016 website trends: personalize user experience, use bold colors, and choose extraordinary content.

In using themes, provide your audience with a personalized user experience, something they can relate to and share for virality. Render your site in bold colors – HD viewing allows stark colors to impact the user visually. Lastly, how extraordinary is your website content? With the creepy clown example, is it peculiar for clowns to roam Colorado’s streets that people on the Internet are curious (or scared) enough to want to know more about it? Be creative in using such trends.

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Why It Is Important to Your Goals

Charles Eames once said, “The details are not details. They make the product.”

Creativity goes hand-in-hand with design, and web design must focus on benefits and user interaction. A bland and boring website will barely get any person to stay for more than a minute, and a terrible design will decrease trust and usability, and will not yield any form of conversion.

Your website’s design and intricacies define how your audience will interact with it. Above all, user interaction is important to any business.

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