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Why Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

Gray Garage DoorA garage door plays a bigger role in any home than most homeowners typically give it credit for. Garage doors may not receive as much attention as main entry doors and patio doors, but they matter a lot, all the same.

Ignoring that broken garage door or using it for years without a tune-up instead of calling for a garage door service in Chicago can be dangerous and inconvenient.

Here's why you need to have that faulty garage door fixed or maintained right away:


A good, modern garage door doesn’t just keep intruders out; it keeps cooled or heated air in, resists a good percentage of heat or cold from the outside, keeps insects out. You might not even know that one of the biggest problems for home insulation is the garage, so a good door can take care of that problem and let you enjoy potential savings from energy bills.

Safety and Security

Some homeowners park their cars out on the curb even when they have a completely fine garage. Some others park in the garage and leave the garage door open. Whether the garage door is broken or not, keeping it open like that invites trouble. The way to keep your car secure is to park it in the garage, close the garage door, lock the car, and take the keys with you inside the house. You’re not only preventing access to your car and the other contents of your garage, but to the entire house as well.

A safety issue is if your garage door tends to get stuck and you have children in the house who might try to close it and get hurt if the door suddenly moves.

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Home Value

A broken garage door can reduce the value of your home if you decide to sell it. It may also be the chief reason a potential buyer walks away. A perfectly functioning door that offers good insulation, on the other hand, is an attractive proposition for most buyers.

Don’t leave your garage door broken. It cannot play the role it was meant to play if you don’t supply it with the necessary care and maintenance.

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