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Retaining or Achieving (Brand) Pole Position


The idea of the jack-of-all-trades is a seductive approach to marketing, who wouldn’t like to have a product that has and does it all for its buyer? However, experienced advertisers and marketers are wary of this approach because of the positioning and differentiation problems it may create. As a brand trying to build equity and […]

Worker’s Safety and Protection Against Radiation Effects


Ionizing radiation refers to ionization that contains particles capable of ionizing the medium it passes through. Ionization radiation is very dangerous for a human being’s body as it induces death of body cells to a high extent to impair the functionality of a given organ or tissues. Workers in nuclear plants are in a high exposure […]

Basketball Hacks: Increasing Stamina and Endurance


Great basketball players need endurance, speed, and stamina to excel. For this to be achieved there needs to be sacrifice and dedication to achieve this goal. As such, changing a few things in a regular routine and improving your workout can improve the overall results. Here’s how to go about it: Cardio and strength days […]

Build Your Own Construction Business in 4 Ways

Wherever you are in the U.K., you know that you will never be out of a job if you have the skills to build. Homebuilding is one of the most lucrative and fulfilling businesses of all time. You get a good pay and you help clients realise their dreams with your creations. Here’s how to […]

2 Key ingredients to Running a Successful Online Marketing Campaigns


Many individuals and companies struggle to come up with a credible strategy to market their products on the internet. The article highlights some of the steps that can help you overcome such a problem. Online marketing offers excellent business opportunities for companies and individuals looking to harness the power of the internet. Success stories abound […]

Seeing Clearly: How Teeth Whitening Affects Your Dental Health


Teeth whitening has become a very common dental procedure; it and the cosmetic dentistry field have become a $15B industry behemoth. Although the appeal of having a great smile is undeniable, it is still important to understand how teeth whitening works to protect your dental heath. Using the wrong products can permanently damage your teeth. […]

The Best Place to Celebrate: Finding the Perfect Event Venue


Event organising entails a lot of responsibilities and decisions to make. This includes selecting the perfect venue that will appeal to your guests. Regardless of the occasion, be it a casual meeting or a business event, the place will always matter. To save you from the complexities of selecting a good venue, here are some few […]

Do Refinancing Right: Avoid These Mistakes


Low mortgage rates are one of the main reasons homeowners consider refinancing. Before making the move, however, it is important to do your research and make sure it is financially worth it. While many benefit from refinancing, there are also those who can only get minimal savings. If you want to get the most from […]

3 Ways to get a High School Diploma


Unfortunate circumstances or unexpected trials may sometimes hinder people from reaching their goals. One of the common cases is when people need to stop their high school education because of personal or financial problems. When this happens to you, it doesn’t mean that you can never go back and get a high school diploma. There […]

Housing the Dead: UK Investors and Developers Dig into Grave Business


In the coming years, London and its busy towns may no longer be able to house its living population. As the country struggles to give homes to the living, housing the dead also becomes a challenge. Across towns and boroughs in London, there only remains 20 suitable burial plots. The pressure on burial plots is […]

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